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Video Credit: Tyler M. Ramsey


Welcome to Tillow Acres Farm!

A little farm growing natural, organic farm-fresh food.

Organic Carrots

Let us be your farmers.


Tillow Acres Farm is a small-scale, market and pasture-based farm

in west central Ohio, who calls Hardin County home.


There's a beauty and joy in working with nature,

not against her. 

Knowing our practices and methods

may not be the easiest or fastest, but rather kinder and more beneficial to our land, our animals, and our bodies

is at the heart of everything Tillow Acres Farm strives to do.


Intentionally small, we dedicate ourselves to growing

healthy, flavorful, seasonal food

for our families and our farm members' families. 

Like to learn a little more about our

young, aspiring farm?


We'd love to welcome you as a member of OUR farm family.

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