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Whole Grain Bread

Wholesome Fresh Baked Breads

Pizza Dough

Organic wholewheat pizza dough

Whole Grain Bread


The kitchen is an important part of every farm-family's life.

Cooking, baking and preserving farm-fresh food are important

skills to have in a farm's kitchen.


Every farm family has its set of recipes unique to its family history and past down from one generation to another. Tillow Acres is no different, especially in the bread category. At one point or another - each family member has had input into the breads that flow from this humble kitchen, now known as Tillow Acres Farm's Kitchen. ... especially the grandchildren. 

Many of our long-standing recipes are now updated to incorporate healthy organically-sourced ingredients. Yet one thing hasn't change; that mouth-watering smell and taste of each loaf.


Cost $99 Share Season. (9 loaves, one every other week.)

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