Organic, Heritage, Pasture-raised eggs.

Fresh Organic Heritage Pasture-Raised Eggs


To answer the age-old question, which came first, the chicken or the egg, we can unwaveringly state the chicken, in our case. Tillow Acres Farm began because of a simple desire of the farm owner to buy some baby chicks to raise for her grandchildren and herself. 


We seasonally-pasture, meaning that from mid-spring through late fall or early winter, the hens forage and roam around on our 5 acres of organically-managed pasture. In winter, they are moved up to the farmhouse and permanent growing beds to free-range and shelter in the 12' x 30' chicken coop at night, or during a snowy, cold, and windy weather day.


We believe this environment contributes to the reason our eggs are so delicious and tasty. ...and often full of double yolks! A happy hen is a calm and healthy hen, less stressed hen. And healthy translates to the most nutritious and delicious eggs you can eat. 



We're very proud to help champion the efforts of the Livestock Conservancy and other like-minded organizations working to raise aware for the preservation and promotion of heirloom and heritage breeds, across all livestock groups. 


Here at Tillow Acres farm, you'll find the following heritage breeds: Australorp, Blue Orpingtons, Cochin, Jersey Giant, Lavender Orpingtons, Polish, Rhode Island Red Non-industrial and Swedish Flower. We also add into the flock's rotation; Ameraucanas, Belvederes, Marans, and Welsummers. 

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Heritage Pasture-raised Organic Eggs

Egg Shares may be added to a member's Produce Share, with the pickup or delivery schedule set as the  member's Produce Share schedule.   

  • FULL SEASON - You receive one dozen eggs every other week from May 15, 2022 - Nov. 3, 2022.

    • $60 - Total of 12 dozen​​

  • SPRING SEASON​ - You receive one dozen eggs every other week from May 15, 2022 - June 23, 2022. 

    • $15 - Total of 3 dozen​​

  • SUMMER SEASON - You receive one dozen eggs every other week from June 26, 2022 - Sep 1, 2022

    • $25 - Total of 5 dozen​

  •  FALL SEASON SHARE - You receive one dozen eggs every other week from Sep 11 thru Nov 3

    • $20 - Total 4 dozen 

one dozen, organic, heritage pasture-raised eggs