Crate of Vegetables

Fresh Produce and Pasture Raised Eggs

A note about COVID-19 

Our first statement begins with wishing all past and future members best wishes for continued health and wellness in 2022

as we continue to have to navigate through the presence of COVID-19 and its many variants. 

As the state numbers rise and fall, we will adjust our contactless practices and any onsite visitation (excluding on-farm pickups) accordingly. 

Thank you for your understanding.


We grow a wide range of vegetables, fruits, berries and herbs for our Farm Membership community. Because of our small size, we plan, plant, grow and harvest intensively. Each growing season carries the same goal - harvest produce that brings a rainbow of colors and big-bold flavors for our farm Members' families and ours. 

We farm without pesticides, herbicides, or GMO seed or feed, and limit the use of machinery and tilling practices. Instead, we use regenerative practices and methods which work to restore and maintain a robust soil life. We hold to the philosophy of feeding the soil to feed the plant, not the other way around. We know this makes for better taste and nutritional value in food. Now entering our second share season, we continue to establish farming systems, processes and infrastructure to increase the farm's biodiversity and build up our soil to better resist pests, disease and Ohio's negative weather trends. 


We use only certified-organic seed and grow our own seedlings to plant then transplant. Doing this ensures we grow and harvest the most nutrient-dense, flavorful produce possible for our Members. A distinction we aspire to build upon.

We raise a small flock of heritage and rare breed layers who seasonally pasture and forage on our five acres of lush grasses and clover. The eggs they produce are some of the tastiest, most delicious eggs you'll ever eat. They also play a key role to our farm soil's fertility and biological activity. Well...and they do make the perfect companions for Mickey & Minnie, our pet Old English Babydoll sheep. 

organic, farm-fresh vegetables.

OUR CSA 2022

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