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What is a CSA?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. Originally it began as a way for neighbors to buy a “share” of the neighboring farm at the beginning of the farmer's season.  This helped cover the farmer's cost of seed and other inputs that 'farmer-joe' or '-joette' would need to purchase to put the season's crops in the ground. In exchange, the non-farm neighbor (aka share-owner) would receive fresh, seasonal produce from the farm on a regular basis.


Through the years the model has evolved to take on various names and specifics based around each farm and local community's need. Today more than ever, CSA models are experiencing tremendous growth, at unprecedented levels. We all are waking up to understand the importance of food sourcing and safe food systems. A CSA is a perfect way to reconnect with your food source and have greater confidence in the food you're placing in your bodies on a daily basis is indeed grown where and how a label claims it to be. And have confidence in it's as fresh as possible. 

How does it work?

Think subscription or membership. You, the consumer, pay a seasonal fee upfront for a portion (whichever size of share you choose) of our farm's upcoming harvest. Once paid, you're considered a member (so-to-speak) of our farm for that period of time. Your paid fee gives you the right to our fresh, vine-ripened, chemical-free produce we harvest. 

How does our share program work?


Our growing season runs from mid-June through mid-October with start dates determined in May of the upcoming growing season. Typically each full season Tillow ends up offering between 9 to 11 shares. 


We grow a variety of vegetables, herbs and fruits along with value-added items periodically included in a member's share bag or box. Value-added items such as: organic artisan bread, raw honey, pasture-raised meat and eggs, etc.

Click to read a list of crops for this 2024 season.



We harvest biweekly with members receiving their share of produce every other week.


Home Delivery is available for a fee to members' within 60 miles of the farm. For 2024, we can deliver to residents in Delaware, Franklin, Hardin, Logan, and Union counties. Fees are determined by distance from the farm and concentration of members within that area. Click to view this season's delivery and pickup dates.

Pickup at the farm is free.


We offer three sizes: Mini-Sampler, Sampler, and The Box. If you're unsure about what size to purchase, we suggest purchasing a smaller size option and upgrading to a larger through the season if you find you'd prefer a larger size. 

The Box - our largest size.

SOLD OUT | $34 p/box
The Box is a 1/2 to 3/4 bushel size - includes 7-11 varieties of veggies, fruits, berries and herbs. This is our largest size and is a good fit for a family of four or two adults who really LOVE veggies, and enjoy cooking at home. 

Sampler Bag - our medium size.

SOLD OUT | $27 p/bag 

The Sampler is a 12"x12"x8" burlap bag, and offers the same 7-11 varieties of veggies, fruits, berries and herbs as our Box size, though with smaller amounts of each item. (E.g.1-2 cucumbers vs 3-4, 1-2 heirloom tomatoes vs 3-4, etc.) 


Mini Sampler Bag - our smallest size.

SOLD OUT | $19 p/bag

The Mini-Sampler is the same 12"x12"x8" burlap bag as our Sampler, with smaller amounts: up to 4-8 varieties of veggies, fruit, berries and herbs. 

Week 1 Fall Share_edited_edited_edited.jpg
  • Do you deliver or where do I pick-up my Share Box?  Yes. We make home deliveries for members within 60 miles of the farm for a fee. We currently serve residents in Delaware, Franklin, Hardin, Logan, and Union Counties. Pick-up is at the farm. 

  • Can I choose or substitute the produce in my Share box?   No. We do not offer Free-Choice shares but instead provide new members the opportunity to complete a 'Preference Sheet' that includes the upcoming seasons' produce items we will offer. Members rank and mark the items according to their households' likes and dislikes and return the sheet back to us before the first week of the share season. Through the season we do our best to include your more desirable produce in your bag/box.    

  • Is there a contract for the season?  No. There is no legal contract, however, there is an agreement. Please view our Membership agreement here

  • How do I pay and can I pay by credit card?  You'll receive an email with a link to view and pay your invoice along with details on how to make your payment. We ask for 50% down at time of reservation, and the remainder paid by the start of the season. You can make your payment by cash, check or credit card. We accept all major credit cards. If paying by credit card, a 3.5% service fee will be added to cover our transaction fee costs.

  • Is the produce certified-organic? No. The farm at present is not Certified-Organic. We are in transition and hope to obtain certification in the short-term. Our farming practices and methods pertaining to our pasture and production land follows the standards set by the USDA and the National Organic Standards board. 

  • Do you grow everything in the FARM SHAREs? No. We plan to grow all the vegetables and herbs on the farm, and purchase fruits and berries from various local farmers we know and trust. We take personal satisfaction and joy in knowing our produce is contributing to the health and eating enjoyment of our Members. All items not grown or raised here on the farm, along with the farm/grower are noted on our 'In the Kitchen' sheet we include in a member's share boxes/bags.   

Our CSA - Farm Share

Mini Sampler
The Box
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